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Mobile app of

This is the mobile app of the blogs network Started in the year 2000 from the hand of the brothers Carrero from Ciudad Real, Spain, is one of the first blogs networks in Spanish. Bitácoras, which is the Spanish word to refer to blog at the same time is the name of this great [...]


Mobile app of blog El caparazón

We present mobile application of El caparazón for iPhone and iPad. El caparazón is a blog in Spanish top social and educational innovation, technology, social networking


Mobile app of blog

We present mobile application of blog for iPhone and iPad. is a spanish blog of Javier Megias about strategy, startups and different business models


Mobile app of

Mobile Application for the Blog of Carlos Guerrero, with legal information for entrepreneurs, startups, business angels and venture capital.


Mobile app of

We introduce the mobile application of for iPhone and iPad. is the main spanish Internet business blog and one of leaders in europe.


Mobile app of Medios y redes

This is mobile app for Medios y Redes blog network a company result of fusion of GrupoBlog y OpenBlogs, two of main blog netwoks at Spain, with the support of the company evoluZiona, a young company dedicated to content and entertainment and cultural services using new technologies. In Medios y Redes bet by microcontent offering [...]