If you are blogger or you own a blog network, you can get through AdLemons Mobile your FREE mobile app for smartphones and tablets (iOS or Android). You will be able to play at the same level than large headers and traditional media.


With the mobile apps of your blog or blog network:

  • Your readers will install the app on your blog and you will be present in their mobile
  • Immediate access to the content of your blog
  • Notifications with news and an increase of the activity
  • More engagement of your followers and thereby more audience and increased traffic
  • Enhanced brand experience wherever your readers are
  • Discover a broader audience by being present at the app stores
  • Your brand will identify the app in the app store!

The basic version can be ready in about a week, more upload time to the app store and approval of the application by the App Store.


You have two models available, blog and blog network and both cases you will have the following features:

BASIC version features for mobile app of blog

  1. Icon blog or blogs network.
  2. Logo of the blog or blog network in mode splashscreen.
  3. List of blogs of network (in blogs network version).
  4. AdLemons monetize app from first day, set you price to recive.

BASIC version features for mobile app of blog

  1. Post list displayed with thumbnails.
  2. Bookmark favorites posts.
  3. New post alerts and others with Push Notifications.
  4. Shared on Twitter, via mail and mark as read.

Additional payment features PRO and PREMIUM version (Fully customizable and optional):

PREMIUM version features for mobile app of blog

  1. Read and write comments in posts.
  2. Remove credit logos and put yours logos.
  3. Inclusion of more social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. ..
  4. Browse blogs or post with CoverFlow view.